May 14, 2011

Notes, lists and scribbles...

My friends often use to mock the way that I was forever making notes, writing checklists, and marking off to do lists whilst attending school… I have to admit it’s all true! I was very guilty of a good note or two!

However, back in the day I was merely an amateur note taker, you would always find me jotting things on scrap pieces of paper or on the back of dockets and I would lose them as quick as I wrote them.

Nearly Ten years on I am still a mean note taker, it’s just these days I do it in a more practical not to mention stylish manner with my very own home made “mock” note books!

I produce them in loads of fabric prints and sizes, if you would fancy jumping on board and being a “mock” note taker too, give me a yell –I’d love to hear from you!

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