July 8, 2012

green and handy...

what to do when you live in a small rural town where nothing opens on a sunday and it's your boyfriend's birthday tomorrow.

you think green of course! 
you cut up your green sustainable architecture and landscape design magazine 

oh yeah and what sort of designer doesn't even have sticky tape handy! eh humm me... 
nothing a hole punch and string won't fix.

finish it off with a hessian material envelope and small cotton card... 
anyone would think I meant to wrap it this way.

rustic wedding

I love this way of doing things... simple, rustic and serious fun.

this invite even made it into the ballarat bride magazine... stop it.

what a great idea for thank yous' 
mock loves chutney!

thanks k&m for letting mock be apart of your perfect rustic day.

aunty mock

some of you might know i am now eh hum "aunty mock"

my whole family is buzzing with our new addition.. fergus!

if you have a moment, take a look at the stunning work of teagan 'tex' glenane
who captured our little mate on film recently. 
she is way too clever for words.

Introducing, Fergus. from TEAGAN GLENANE on Vimeo.

big thoughts on little cards...

mock has a whole range of these little cards 
for every occasional thought.

I'll post more shortly.

mock does baby thank yous'

what a cutie this little man is...

the thank you card was a mix of x3 Polaroids detailing lachie's arrival into the world 
followed by a plain card for mum and dad to write on.

thanks jeremy, jen and lachie for letting mock designs 
introduce your little family.

classic rural wedding...

mock designs had a refreshing change of pace with this classic wedding of a&s... 

the wedding was set on a cosy day amongst the gorgeous setting of rural victoria

thank you a&s for allowing mock designs to do the signage 
and stationery for your special day...

all photos wonderfully photographed by: