December 8, 2011

what to expect when you are expecting a market.

as you all should know mock works with some amazing girls on a weekly basis to put together a wonderful yearly market called the main road market. the mock shop will again be making an appearance at the market - here is a sneak peak at what you can expect on the day.
tag in a bag...
and more calendars... people can never have too many.
mock has a couple more tricks up her sleeve for sunday... hope to see you all there for a drink, some crafts and perhaps a cheeky dance.

invites invites invites....

mock has been lucky enough lately to design wedding invites for some incredible weddings getting around town.
a material button finished off this simple 4 page invite, the buttons were produced in many different patterns, that will feature on the wedding day also.

December 7, 2011

classic wedding...

the invite below was to be simple, classic and timeless... (which i think sums up the bride to be perfectly).
what a stunning wedding it will be.
thanks lucy and nath for letting mock introduce your special day to your friends and family...

December 6, 2011

save a day please...

save the date concept and designs...

October 18, 2011


The back page of the invite is ripped off and used as a RSVP postcard to send back to the happy couple.

Pop a stamp on it and drop it into the post...

September 18, 2011

we are bacckkkk....

After popular demand, we have decided to once again put Main Road Market smack bang in in the middle of the calendar for December 2011.

Oh boy do we have some surprises in stall for you... Stay tuned. xx

August 31, 2011

baby showering...

I was recently delighted to do some sweet and simple baby shower invites...

August 13, 2011

some new editions to mock hire.

contact mock to get your hands on some of these items for your next event.

August 3, 2011

mock now has a website...

take a look around...

yes, that is correct - you can purchase all your mock products online.

want to make your next event look good... mock has a range of hire stuff that might suit.

contact mock.

July 25, 2011

mock has been as busy as a bee...

mock has been getting quite acquainted with our new surrounds, the settling in process is underway and yep, it's feeling great...

with a mini house warming already ticked off and a few new touches to the place underway mock finally has a place to call home!

The sweat shop has already been put to the test recently with a number of weddings, birthday parties and one very large company all needing their piece of mock. There have been no complaints here… just means I can stay home and enjoy the new pad whilst doing the stuff I love.

oh and there will soon be a mock website for all of you to enjoy (as the heading suggests mock has been as busy as a bee)… so please sit tight - it won’t be far off!

Hope everyone is well… x

June 30, 2011

Mock is moving...

Some of my friends and family have had the pleasure of hearing my interior design highs and lows over the past few months... (I promise the whining will now cease) I am finally pleased to announce that miss mock now has a new home...

This move is very exciting on many levels... but probably the most exciting part is that mock designs will now have a new sweatshop to call home for a while.

Just a little note to my sister...
Thanks for lending mock designs your old room for the time being, I always told you that was the better room, it didn't matter that my room had the extra 3 square meters of floor space - yours was closer to the bathroom and to the kitchen and I can now respect your decision to pick the "smaller room". Thanks again, it's been cosy and great.

Ok back on the house topic...
I'm sure this new change will bring with it some fresh new design inspiration and new projects for mock to play with. Guess I better get cracking...

June 15, 2011

I love receiving mail

letters, bills, junk mail, the lot – I love mail!
I think that’s why I love these hand made envelopes, mail doesn’t have to be boring!

I think now is a great time to pick up a pen and paper and send out a nice note, card or gift to show your loved ones some love.. I'm happy to make you some hand made envelopes or cards to help kick start this whole experience for you... Together, let's bring snail mail back!

May 30, 2011

Time will fly...

I’m starting to take Christmas orders for gift tags and wrapping accessories. I’ll continue to post new wrapping ideas etc in the near future, but for the meantime please enjoy these simple mustard print merry Christmas tags.

I make them in a handful of colours, let me know what colour theme you are going for this year - I could perhaps help with a few mock gift wrapping accessories.

May 14, 2011

Notes, lists and scribbles...

My friends often use to mock the way that I was forever making notes, writing checklists, and marking off to do lists whilst attending school… I have to admit it’s all true! I was very guilty of a good note or two!

However, back in the day I was merely an amateur note taker, you would always find me jotting things on scrap pieces of paper or on the back of dockets and I would lose them as quick as I wrote them.

Nearly Ten years on I am still a mean note taker, it’s just these days I do it in a more practical not to mention stylish manner with my very own home made “mock” note books!

I produce them in loads of fabric prints and sizes, if you would fancy jumping on board and being a “mock” note taker too, give me a yell –I’d love to hear from you!

March 6, 2011

2011 starts in March...

I have finally gotten off my bum and back into the design game..

I have recently been asked to prepare a 50th invitation for my auntie Colleen. After a handful of design options, this was the final product decided. I consider them to be simple, straight to the point and noticeable when stuck on the fridge.

I am also in the midst of preparing some invitations for a number of people's special occasions, I'll post them as soon as the final product has been approved.

January 20, 2011

Thank goodness it's FRIDAY!

This week has been long to say the least!

January 18, 2011

A little bit fancy..

How cool are these glass milk cartons and lolly bags, a gorgeous friend of mine Zoe has recently established a very stylish online shop called iluvit!

There are some gorgeous things to purchase and many more to come… You might even see some mock designs featured in the near future also. Stop it!

Check it out – iluvit.