January 20, 2011

Thank goodness it's FRIDAY!

This week has been long to say the least!

January 18, 2011

A little bit fancy..

How cool are these glass milk cartons and lolly bags, a gorgeous friend of mine Zoe has recently established a very stylish online shop called iluvit!

There are some gorgeous things to purchase and many more to come… You might even see some mock designs featured in the near future also. Stop it!

Check it out – iluvit.

January 16, 2011

nothing better than a wedding...

I have recently had the honour of producing my best friend's wedding invites for her very soon special day!

I think you can describe them as rustic and simplistic.. Much like i'm sure the day will be!

Did I mention I also have the honour of being in the bridal party... yep you heard! I'm pretty excited.

what a lovely surprise..

I was quickly running around the supermarket yesterday on the hunt for some beetroot, odd i know, but suddenly I found myself in the confectionery isle (hhmmm beetroot could of been in that isle!) Anyway to my surprise a pack of aniseed rings in such amazing packaging caught my eye!

A little while ago I had a phone call from a lovely man who's daughter informed him I could possibly help with the packaging for his new line of chocolates.. This was the result!

Ok, it's fair to say the beetroot went by the wayside, the 5 dollars I walked in with was put to better use on these yummy treats instead.. Go do yourself a favour and buy some, they are indeed quite the delight!

January 4, 2011

Main Road Market - Sunday 12th, December 2010.

Late last year I mentioned that a handful of friends and myself were hosting a market in Ballarat (Main Road Market). Due to my slackness I forgot to give you an update on how it went.. I do apologise.

Main Road Market - Sunday 12 December.

The market was full of fresh produce, crafts, tunes, art, baked goods, clothing and refreshments..