May 30, 2011

Time will fly...

I’m starting to take Christmas orders for gift tags and wrapping accessories. I’ll continue to post new wrapping ideas etc in the near future, but for the meantime please enjoy these simple mustard print merry Christmas tags.

I make them in a handful of colours, let me know what colour theme you are going for this year - I could perhaps help with a few mock gift wrapping accessories.

May 14, 2011

Notes, lists and scribbles...

My friends often use to mock the way that I was forever making notes, writing checklists, and marking off to do lists whilst attending school… I have to admit it’s all true! I was very guilty of a good note or two!

However, back in the day I was merely an amateur note taker, you would always find me jotting things on scrap pieces of paper or on the back of dockets and I would lose them as quick as I wrote them.

Nearly Ten years on I am still a mean note taker, it’s just these days I do it in a more practical not to mention stylish manner with my very own home made “mock” note books!

I produce them in loads of fabric prints and sizes, if you would fancy jumping on board and being a “mock” note taker too, give me a yell –I’d love to hear from you!